Journey Seeding

For organizations looking for a fast-track approach to implementing the DevStreams paradigm and scaling their business performance while maximizing the full potential of their current teams and talent base.

The rationale: Leveraging the natural scaling capacity of Streams as described in the “Scale and Self Regulation” pillar of the book, all you need is one mature stream to “seed” the evolution within. A stream will start delivering within a few short weeks and will become mature usually between 3-6 months. At this point it is ready to branch, evolve and scale within the organization.

What does this program entail: 

  • Assembling the first stream
  • White glove direction for your first software endeavour and its stream
  • Mentoring the minimal viable change concept and the integrate/mutate/iterate pillar
  • Promoting Biomimicry driven creative thinking.
  • Guidance with applying the movement and flow pillar within the stream.
  • Guidance sessions through the branching phase.

Programme length: 6 month packages

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