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DevStreams is a new paradigm for scaling software delivery, applicable to software organizations of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises.  

Commonly, scaling a software operation adversely affects development velocity, lead cycle times, overall quality, performance and stability of the service as well as customer care, support, and overall customer experience. 

The bottom line is negative financial performance and a smaller market share. The challenge in scaling software delivery stems predominately from the effects of the Rule of Diminishing Returns. The DevStreams practice is based on elements found in Nature as well as structure and dynamics from Chaos theory. 

Applying this paradigm results in efficient scaling of software delivery with consistent high KPIs for all operational aspects and overall healthy business growth

"I’ve always been enamoured with the idea of applying lessons from nature to software development. DevStreams pulls this off in a thought-provoking manner."

Scott Ambler
Creator of Agile Modeling and Agile Data, Co-creator of Disciplined Agile

DevStreams Programs

Master Certification

For individuals (who wish to join the movement) and mentor organizations with the DevStreams paradigm.

Journey Seeding

For organizations looking for a “risk free” approach to implement the DevStreams paradigm and scaling their business with current resources.
  • Gain an overview of modern software delivery.
  • Learn how the study of Biomimicry impacts Software and overall approach to problem-solving
  • Understand fundamentals of a new and forward-thinking paradigm for scaled software delivery: DevStreams
yaron perlman

Yaron Perlman

Yaron Perlman is a software delivery subject matter expert with over 30 years of experience in delivering information technology solutions to hundreds of clients. Since the early 90s, Yaron has been leading the design, engineering, and delivery of cloud, and on-prem Enterprise Software Solutions to some of the most demanding global and high profile clients. Yaron has extensive cross market experience from various leadership roles in software companies producing business applications and enterprise solutions for Financial Institutions, Omni-Channel Commerce, Travel, Education, and Information Technology businesses.

DevStreams is a paradigm with 6 pillars and 1 rule: There are no rules.

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