If you, like many of us, are open to the idea there is something deeper to Software than rigor and code mechanics, if you have a gut feeling that it is deeper than electrical activity running through transistors, much like minds are deeper than electrical activity running through neurons. If you find the proposition that Software is part of Nature intriguing and question your current approach to problem-solving, then surely you would agree we can apply lessons learned from Nature to improve and scale Software delivery; after all – Nature is the most complex system at scale!

In this webinar series, we explore these ideas in detail. What’s in it for me, you may ask? Well, by joining part I of this series, you will:

  • Gain an overview of modern software delivery.
  • Learn how the study of Biomimicry impacts Software and overall approach to problem-solving
  • Understand fundamentals of a new and forward-thinking paradigm for scaled software delivery: DevStreams

Parts II and III of this series dive deeper into the pillars of the practice and discuss advanced topics of the paradigm that would help you explore different methodologies to consider with micro-level focus applicable to any business vertical and personal growth.

Webinar Recordings